q-channel AB – Environmental policy


The purpose of this policy is to describe and establish a basic and common vision within q-channel regarding our environmental impact.

q-channel's environmental work should be part of the creation of a sustainable society and contribute to sustainable profitability. q-channel is aware of the global environmental issues and the potential for direct and indirect impact of the business.

A living environmental dialogue is a natural part of everyday work and the environment is integrated into all skills development.

In the dialogue with customers and other stakeholders, q-channel is aware that these possess extensive knowledge of their own business and its environmental impact. Development in the environmental field is based on mutual learning and an open exchange of information on environmental issues, where initiatives and innovation are encouraged.

  • Close interaction with customers and other stakeholders in environmental issues
  • Shall in all activities comply with applicable laws and regulations and promote positive development in this area
  • strives to reduce energy consumption and reduce and prevent pollution in all operations
  • Conducts internal environmental work leading to continuous improvements
  • q-channels operations shall be conducted in such a way as to integrate environmental considerations as a natural part
  • Together with quality and cost-effectiveness, in all operations

q-channels environmental work and environmental policy should be reviewed continuously.

Based on the above, activities related to this policy shall be characterised by the following basic principles:
  • q-channel shall use and market products which are safe for their intended use, energy-efficient and environmentally adapted so that they can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Use products that do not harm the environment, as well as improve working methods to minimise waste, avoid, air, water and other pollution, minimise health and safety risks and dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Ensure that energy is used economically in all operations, by saving energy, improving energy utilisation and using renewable energy sources whenever possible.
  • Perform thorough self-examination and evaluation of how q-channel complies with the policy.
  • q-channel shall cooperate with companies that have the same values regarding the importance of environmental considerations in daily work as well as choice of products and working methods.

Every employee and every person who performs services with q-channel is expected to follow the policy and report any environmental, health or safety concerns to q-channel manager.

q-channels' key words in environmental contexts can be summarized:

– Reduce

– Reuse

– Recycle

Environmental work, concretely at present 2019:

q-channel AB works continuously to minimise the environmental impact partly through the solutions that the company develops and partly in the processes that permeate everything from ideas to installations and operation of systems that are developed and/or installed by q-channel.

q-channel has an environmental policy that is integral to all our work and attached to this document. We are continuously working to minimize printing on paper and not least printouts of queue tickets from the queuing systems from q-system.

We are looking to minimize transports and we handle meetings via Skype between our office in Stockholm and our external contacts instead of travelling to each other's companies.

Our installers that we use are located around the country in order to reduce travel and transport. Our premises (Vasakronan) are environmentally certified and we use environmental bids in Stockholm.


q-channel AB
Bo Stintzing, CEO