About Us


q-channel develops, installs and operates modern, cloud-based queue systems where people can make more active decisions regarding how they spend their time and do other things while queuing.

Time is important and with q-channel's queue system, you do not waste productive time. With the q-cloud app you can queue up digitally, with the majority of our customers' queue systems available on the app.

Our vision is to completely queue up digitally and our goal is to minimize and eventually eliminate paper. We are essentially a software company that strives to minimize special hardware for the queuing system. We utilize existing products that the customer is already in possession of, but of course we deliver the ones you need for the queuing system. We handle everything from ordering and delivery to installation and commissioning. We modernize an outdated industry by further developing the queuing system with new and effective functions.

With q-channel's queue system, you receive unique information for controlling resources and modern tools for statistics and business intelligence. Together with our customers, we constantly strive towards further development.

q-channel has been around since 2008 with long experience of modern queuing systems. Today we are a modern virtual organization with stable economy and positive development.