Customer case Urban Deli

The smart Q-cloud solution from Q-channel at Restaurant Urban Deli optimizes the utilization of the restaurant's resources while allowing customers to make meaningful use of the waiting time. 

In the restaurant industry, one of the more challenging problems is how to maximize the use of the restaurant's resources, locations and meals, so that the restaurant serves as many customers as possible during high-frequency demand, when demand is greater than the availability of seats.

The problem involves a queue situation where customers are asked to wait their turn, which leads to unnecessary annoyance among guests, and that the restaurant may lose customers. This at the same time as there may be vacancies in the restaurant. 

It is problematic for restaurants to handle bookings of tables for different sizes of parties at different times and increasingly rarely is it possible to book a table at a restaurant in advance. 

The situation will be that restaurant visitors will have to wait until there is a free table. In many cases, the wait can be long as supply is limited and demand is high. In addition, the restaurant cannot offer space to customers in turn as they often consist of different large groups. 

Urban Deli has the following solution to the problem: 

The customer scans a QR code when they arrive at the restaurant and then receives a link, see the picture next to, where the name and mobile number are given and how large a company you are. The customer then receives a text message with the text: "Your queue location to the Roof of Urban Deli Sveavägen is now registered. You'll get an SMS when there's about 15 minutes left until it's your turn. This SMS cannot be answered. Welcome to the bar as long as you wait."

At the same time, the staff at Urban Deli have a link where they see all customers/groups who have registered and how many they are in each company. In addition, the waiting time for each party is shown. 

The staff can then choose the company taking into account the number of seats that gradually become vacant and taking into account how long the party has waited.  

The staff chooses the appropriate company whereby a text message goes to the company in question, a text message with the text: "Now you have about 15 minutes left until your turn to go up on the Roof. Welcome to the elevator and show off your SMS to the host/hostess! "

Q-cloud from Q-channel smoothly solves the queue problem for the restaurant. 

In addition, the statistics automatically generated in the system where a report via email is sent the following day contain information about the number of guests, number of parties, when they arrived during the day and how many foreign parties, etc. A very good information for the planning work with staff. 

Q-cloud startup and deployment requires a minimal effort, no physical devices need to be installed, no installation costs. Costs only at the time of use. 

q-cloud will gradually be rolled out to the larger restaurants in our big cities where you experience and want to solve the above problems.