Customer case Sparbanken Rekarne

The purpose of the queue system is to combine a personal response with at the same time managing good and informative queue management and also not having to print queue tags on paper. This is by using mobiles/ smartphones, and iPads where a digital queue tag is loaded including queue information such as waiting time and queue length. The queue system then also becomes a channel for sending information and messages to customers who are waiting, a natural integration with digital signage. 

The customer announces their case and gets their queue number on their smartphone or on a loaned tablet/smartphone (a great way to reuse old devices). The customer receives a link on their smartphone/iPad that shows the queue number, number of waiting and estimated waiting time. 

The staff receives a notification of the type of case received so that the right staff he helps the customer and thus get a match between the customer's needs and the staff's competence, which provides a more efficient and better service. 

When the bank clerk marks a particular case, the queue number and tablet/smartphone that have the corresponding number are notified by signal and/or vibration. 

Customer who comes to the bank and has booked a meeting with a bank clerk does not need to contact the reception desk but can instead register via an iPad, placed on a pulpet in the entrance, that they arrived by clicking on the icon? Pre-booked meeting? showing the departments and the names of the bank officials present and on duty.