Customer Case Mediamarkt

At Mediamarkt we have installed q-channel's cloud-based queuing system Q-Cloud with related services Q-signage, digital signage for advertising and information and HappyCustomer for customer survey. The system is built entirely on iPad ́s, tablets and LED displays for queuing, queuing, digital signage and customer survey. The system is available both in the Cashier line and in the service desk and is tailored for MediaMarkt according to MediaMarkt ́s graphic profile. 

In the checkout line, the system is structured without the purchase of the kitchen and without keel apps. POS status is displayed on large screens. Queue and queue management is performed via small tablets. The system provides the possibility of any number of registers. The staff at the checkout have the opportunity to show that the checkout is: free, busy open, closed. 

In the service desk, the system is built with the queue pulps to select the case/queue type and keel apps for certain case types and references on the purchase queue for? queue types? Should not have a keel app. With longer waiting times, the SMS notification feature is also connected so customers can walk around the store while they wait. Queue feed and queue management are done via links on the POS computers. It shows the number of pending and maximum queue time for each queue type. Above the cash points are iPads that show the most recent numbers. There is also a large screen at the service desk that shows the latest numbers per queue type as well as advertising/info from MediaMarkt. 

 Both on the checkout desk and the service desk sits an iPad for HappyCustomer at every checkout point where the customer can click in what it thinks of the visit. Integrated with a page to sign up for Infoletters. 

 The system also generates statistics automatically that are available to staff via web.